Tai Tokerau Skills Centre + can help you find the right training path to succeed in your career. Whether you are starting from scratch, upskilling or re-skilling, we can guide you through your training and skills options.

The team at Skills Centre + (Te Rua o Pūkenga) can assess your current situation and help you get to where you need to be, at the right time and in the right place.

Whether that’s help with applying for a job, getting more training, finding out what is available or who to go to for financial support and assistance. 

We’ll follow your progress, find you the easiest and fastest way to get the help you need and only where you want us to be. 

We’ll work with employers to help meet their staff and training needs, whether its short term, long term, seasonal or casual.

NorthTec has recently opened their new Whangarei City Centre Learning Hub and is hosting Tai Tokerau Skills Centre + in their premises.


Visit us at 38 Bank Street, Whangarei.

We’re here to help you back to employment. 


Working closely with local and national industries, NorthTec provides practical, quality training that meets Northland’s needs.

We pride ourselves on the fact that when our students are ready to leave us they graduate with the knowledge and practical skill base needed in the "real world” of business and enterprise.


Work Ready works proactively with people to play to their strengths, helps them be ready for life’s challenges and to make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Work Ready provides supports with mock interviews, training and work ideas, outplacement and career development.


People Potential is a training organisation with Northland campuses in Whangarei, Dargaville, and Kaikohe.  A range of programmes and courses are offered from Foundation Skills to Adult and Tertiary Training and Workplace Assessor Training.  


As a private tertiary provider, People Potential’s mission is to recognise the potential, lift the aspiration and enhance the qualifications of each individual.


Work Ready
People Potential

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Additional Information

North Chamber

Part of the NZ Chambers of Commerce, North Chamber represents the full spectrum of business interests, both small and large in Northland.

With a mission to inspire and influence business vitality, North Chamber provides business advice and information, networking, advocacy and membership benefits.


Our Ministry is all about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities.

Help can be provided with employment, income support, superannuation, funding for community service providers, student allowances and loans as well as social housing assistance.


ACC is all about prevention, care and recovery to improve New Zealanders quality of life.  If you are injured in an accident in New Zealand, whether it’s relatively minor or something more serious, ACC is there to give you care and support.

Often in the background, ACC plays a crucial role in helping people get back on track to the lives they want to lead.


Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

Who is involved?



If you provide services that fit with supporting Tai Tokerau people in training, skills, employment related matters or small business support, you may wish to become a partner.

Our establishment partners have proposed a shared values and principles statement for all delivery partners for our collaboration: 

Equity of outcomes

A commitment to Ōritetanga, equality of outcomes for all. We will meet the needs of all Northlanders irrespective of race, gender, class or creed. We will operate under the Partnership principles as set by Government under the Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 


Equal commitment

We will commit to a continual investment in our customers to ensure that they achieve their personal and business objectives. In turn we will expect an equal commitment from them with their investment of time and resource. 

Employment seekers and employers at the centre

Our processes and communication will be aligned to our customers with simple responsive, a human touch and authentic and honest interactions


No cost, not for profit

We will not charge job seekers or employers for our services. We will seek to provide where possible income support for people who are undertaking training for employment. 

We will build and maintain community relationships

We seek life-time relationships with our customers and will maintain customer intimacy and privacy as the core of our model. 

If you share these values in wanting the best outcomes for Tai Tokerau people in the region’s economic recovery and reset post Covid 19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



If you are an employer, you may wish to work with the Tai Tokerau Skills Centre + for any of the following: 

  • To retrain or upskill your current employees  

  • To assist employees undergoing redundancy 

  • To see what training funding or employment assistance may be available from the Ministry of Social Development 

  • To learn more about NZ Business Mentors 

  • To post a job on our Jobs Noticeboard 

  • To offer or provide support and sponsorship for the Tai Tokerau Skills Centre + . 


If you are interested in learning more about any of these items, please contact employers@skillscentre.nz or phone 0800 4 SKILLS

How can employers and service agencies get involved?

We help people get the help they need when looking for work in Northland - Te Tai Tokerau.