Skills Centre + is a no cost collaborative service aimed to save you time, money and stress by coming to one place.

Support for Employers:

  • Identifying transferable skills – map where your existing skills and knowledge can be adapted and transferred for a more agile and flexible response to changing business circumstances.

  • Fast Skills - with a range of over 35 Fast Skills courses we can support you quickly and competently into future needs.

  • Financial assistance - With significant experience in industry support, assistance can include Flexi-Wage, Skills for Industry, a Modification Grant and redundancy support

  • Business mentors - You can be introduced to skilled Business Mentors who will assist you by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Job Noticeboard (coming soon)


Employers the opportunity to list vacancies on our Job Noticeboard.  These are brief listings and contact details to support you in finding the right person for the right job where you feel alternative advertising is not required. 

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If you are an employer, you may wish to work with the Tai Tokerau Skills Centre + for any of the following:

  • To retrain or upskill your current employees  

  • To assist employees undergoing redundancy 

  • To see what training funding or employment assistance may be available from the Ministry of Social Development 

  • To learn more about NZ Business Mentors 

  • To post a job on our Jobs Noticeboard 

  • To offer or provide support and sponsorship for the Tai Tokerau Skills Centre +

It can cost as much as 6x more to hire from the outside than to build from within.

Josh Bersin

“Rethinking the Build vs Buy Approach to Talent”, 2019

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