Upskilling and training options

There are short training courses that support potential employees to gain competency in a range of employability and work ready skills.  Many of these courses offer the opportunity to gain a license or certification.  

Distance learning is learning and gaining a qualification remotely without having regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. This can help when still working or looking to change a job and need to upskill or retrain while on the job.  It helps to be an independent and self-motivated learner.  


Best ways to job search

Job hunting can be difficult if left too long. Know the steps to effective job hunting. There are local tips and tricks that can help. Identify sources of job leads and understand how the hidden job market works. Be aware of how to use social media and make sure that you are able to use an elevator pitch.

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Write or update a CV

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a very important ‘Sales Tool’.  It tells an employer what you have done and how well you perform work tasks.  It should be a short summary of who you are, together with your experience, training and qualifications. Start with a basic format and adapt it to show yourself in the best light. The sole purpose of your CV is to get in front of the employer. Keep it brief, positive and interesting. 

Interview skills

Interviews can get you feeling anxious and make you feel nervous. The best thing you can do is be prepared.


Make sure that you know the purpose of the interview and understand pre-interview preparation steps. By doing this you will be aware of what questions will be asked and know how to provide a structured response.


Make sure that you ask the employer questions as this is a two-way process. Is the environment and job right for you? ​

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Job Noticeboard


View local job vacancies. These are brief listings and contact details to support you in finding the right job. 

​Tips for getting started

Here are some self-help tips to get you started.